CA Strategic Growth Council

California Strategic Growth Council (SGC)  

Formed with the passing of California Senate Bill 732, the California Strategic Growth Council (SGC) was created in September of 2008 and consists of agency secretaries from various state departments. The SGC works to coordinate and promote the activities of state agencies and by providing funding, coordination, and general support, to achieve the following objectives:

  • Improve air and water quality
  • Promote public health
  • Promote equity
  • Increase housing affordability
  • Promote infill and compact development
  • Revitalize urban and community centers
  • Protect natural resources and agricultural lands
  • Reduce automobile usage and fuel consumption
  • Improve infrastructure systems
  • Promote water conservation
  • Promote energy efficiency and conservation
  • Strengthen the economy

To help allocate funding to agencies and projects that work to achieve the above objectives, SGC has created the Sustainable Communities Planning Grant & Incentives Program. Over $50 million was awarded to cities, counties and regional agencies during the first two rounds of this program to conduct planning activities that will foster sustainable communities, lead to reduced greenhouse gas emissions and achieve other sustainability objectives.

SGC Support for the Lake Tahoe Sustainable Communities Program

The Tahoe Metropolitan Planning Organization (TMPO) is the designated transportation planning agency for the Lake Tahoe Region and is staffed by the TRPA Transportation Planning Division. TMPO/TRPA has received two grants from the SGC that have provided a significant portion of the funding necessary to develop the LTSCP and associated products.

The first grant was awarded in August 2011 to the TMPO/TRPA based on the application prepared and supported by the Tahoe Basin Partnership for Sustainable Communities. This grant funding supports the development and creation of the following products:

  • The Lake Tahoe Sustainability Collaborative
  • Sustainability Framework and Vision
  • Sustainability Action Plan Background
  • Sustainability Action Plan
  • Sustainability Measures and Monitoring
  • Area Plans Framework
  • Area Plans Background
  • Development Commodities Transfer Policies Analysis
  • Economic Development Strategy

A second SGC grant was awarded to TMPO/TRPA in 2012 to provide continued support and expansion of the work and products initiated with the first grant, including:

  • Continued support of the Lake Tahoe Sustainability Collaborative and their creation of a long-range business plan.
  • Activities that implement the Sustainability Action Plan including adoption of “green building codes” designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from new commercial and residential building, coordination with energy providers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from energy generated outside of the Region that is consumed within the Region, and identification of housing policies, code amendments and incentive programs to address housing affordability.
  • Activities that further implement the Sustainability Measuring and Monitoring recommendations including the web based sustainability measures dashboard and portal, and annual sustainability reporting.
  • Continued support for local area planning. These funds assist local jurisdictions in meeting the requirements of the 2012 Regional Plan, as well as supporting their ability to take advantage of new incentives. These funds also support local efforts in meeting state mandates such as housing needs assessments.
  • Creation of a Development Commodities Tracking and Exchange System to better support and track the transfer of development rights within the basin.