Sustainability Action Plan

How to Use the Plan

The Sustainability Action Plan is a living document, and is only a first step on the road toward making the Lake Tahoe Region truly sustainable.  Many of the strategies in the Plan are ambitious, but can positively impact quality of life through coordinated and thoughtful implementation. Community-wide engagement will be crucial for success.

This Plan is a collection of existing sustainability actions developed over many years of visioning and planning in the Region, as well as new and innovative ideas for sustainability actions that are not already underway.  Sustainability is multi-scale and relates to all aspects of community planning, environmental planning, and economic development.  There are numerous opportunities to participate in furthering sustainability in Lake Tahoe.  The actions in this Plan are organized according to the representatives of regional government, utilities, agencies, organizations, resident of, businesses in, and visitors to the Lake Tahoe Region.  For many actions to be successful, implementation will require partnerships across scales.



If you are a Regional or local government, utility, agency, or a representative of an organization that may partner with one of these entities, the following sections of the plan will be the most helpful for you:


If you are a resident, business, school, or visitor of the Lake Tahoe Region and you want to learn what you can do to help make your life, your community, and the Region more sustainable, the following sections of this plan will be the most helpful to you:

Sustainability Action Plan

The heart of the Sustainability Action Plan  is ‘Action’.  The Plan recognizes the many sustainability efforts already underway in the Lake Tahoe Region, and identifies additional actions to further improve regional sustainability and resilience. The Sustainability Action Plan is intended to serve as a toolkit that Regional agencies and local jurisdictions can use to develop their own sustainability actions under a consistent Regional Sustainability Framework.  It is also serves as a resource for residents, visitors, businesses, and any community members who want to take action and get involved in positive change.

The Sustainability Action Plan is a pathway that the Region can follow to achieve greenhouse gas emission reduction goals, prepare for climate change readiness and resilience planning, foster a healthy community, strive for higher standards for social equity and quality of life, and protect the quality of the environment of the Lake Tahoe Region.  The actions offered in this plan include exceeding the current standards for green buildings, renewable energy, sustainable forest practices, innovative transportation solutions, and increased biological diversity, among many others.

The Plan includes the revised GHG emissions inventory and reduction targets, and climate change and adaptation strategies vetted through the Lake Tahoe Sustainability Collaborative and the Tahoe Basin Partnership for Sustainable Communities.