Document Series




#1 Sustainability Framework and Vision

Includes detailed language related to the newly adopted Regional Plan and the framework for Area Plans, input from participants in that process, and the interaction of sustainability components.

 January 2014

#2 Sustainability Action Plan Background

Includes the initial greenhouse gas emissions inventory and reduction targets, and climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies. It reflects the adopted Regional Plan, Regional Transportation Plan, and Sustainable Communities Strategy policies, and is the basis for the Sustainability Action Plan.

 January 2014

#3 Sustainability Action Plan: A Sustainability Action Toolkit for Lake Tahoe

Includes the revised greenhouse gas emissions inventory and reduction targets, and climate change and adaptation strategies vetted through the Lake Tahoe Sustainability Collaborative and the Tahoe Basin Partnership for Sustainable Communities. This document also includes community level outreach and action strategies.

 January 2014

#4 Sustainability Indicators Reporting Plan

Includes: (1) an assessment of existing Lake Tahoe Region measurement and monitoring efforts, (2) identification of a suite of sustainability indicators, (3) development of a sustainability metrics reporting plan, and (4) initiation of a sustainability dashboard.

 January 2014

#5 Area Plans Framework

Includes the framework for Area Plans and initiation of those Area Plans.

Updated October 2017

#6 Area Plans Background

Includes an assessment of the sustainability and livability measures needed in each planning area and the barriers to local implementation of those sustainability measures.

 January 2014

#7 Development Commodities Transfer Policies Analysis

This includes identification and analysis of the potential market effectiveness of proposed transfer of development rights and bonus unit policies considered for inclusion in the Regional Plan.

 January 2014

#8 Development Commodities Tracking and Exchange System

Includes the concepts, processes, software requirements, and other system specifications, as well as the results of implementing the development commodities and exchange system. Click here, to view the TDR Exchange.

April 2014

#9 Economic Development Strategy

Includes analysis of existing and targeted industry clusters and recommendations on the clusters and incentives that will be most effective in creating and maintaining a sustainable economy for the Lake Tahoe Region. Also included is stakeholder outreach resulting in recommendations for implementation of commodities transfer policies.

August 2014

#10 LTSC Strategic Plan

Includes the LTSC’s mission, charter, and bushiness plan which provide the strategy for the Lake Tahoe Sustainability Collaborative to continue, on an ongoing basis, to act as an independent entity that “champions” sustainability in the Lake Tahoe Region.

June 2014

#11  First Annual Report

The initial annual report on the Lake Tahoe Sustainable Communities Program and will be included as part of future TRPA annual reports. It will be updated using current sustainability indicators data, and can act as a template for similar sustainability planning reports in other regions.

March 2016

#12 LTSCP Summary

Other documents that are an integral part of the sustainability efforts in the Lake Tahoe Region include the Lake Tahoe Regional Plan, Regional Transportation Plan and Sustainable Communities Strategy, and various local government Area Plans. This document provides a summary of these plans, the products described in previous reports in this series, and how they work together within the Sustainability Framework for the Lake Tahoe Region.

March 2016